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I got a new phone!   I Spent two frustrating hours with my son Wednesday night trying to learn the basics of my new Droid X.  My son kept telling me, “Don’t over-think this phone.  Be smarter than the phone.”  When I got home from my son’s house I kept fiddling with it all the while repeating my mantra,  “BE SMARTER THAN THE PHONE.  BE SMARTER THAN THE PHONE”.  Lo and behold I got to where I could do some things with it.  I also kept telling myself that they wouldn’t make a phone that people couldn’t figure out.  But, then I would despair and remember that there are people and then there is me!  I have finally begun to feel comfortable with it.  I wanted to put in some numbers on speed dial and couldn’t get any good info on how to do that.  So I asked my face book  friends and my wonderfully smart, retired math teacher friend, Carol Hobby told me exactly how to do it.  My friend Pam Meeks used Carol’s instructions and it worked perfectly for her.  I still couldn’t get it to work.  I put it down over night and came back to it this morning, still no luck.  Then Carol told me one simple thing, “Don’t type in the number,  scroll to it.”  Voila!  That was the ticket.  LOL Carol probably thought, “How would a special ed teacher go about doing this?”  and then she sent me the one simple thing to do.  Thanks so much.  Now I have all my numbers in my speed dial.  I figured out how to set different ring tones for different people and how to set up my ICE numbers.  Watch out world I am about to buy some apps!

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Christmas Treasurers Blog Hop

The big day has arrived!  The blog hop of the inaugural  graduating class of the Art of Digital Design at Jessica Sprague has commenced!  Here is my preview:

To get my part of this very MEGA kit just click here–>   Andy Designz Christmas Cheer

There are over 40 designers contributing to this wonderful kit and I am the last stop on the train.  WHEW!  But, if you are just starting here or got lost somehow go to  http://www.sweetsunshinephotography.blogspot.com to begin at the beginning.

Be sure to visit my store at Natural Designs in Scrapbooking, http://www.ndisb.com and see all the goodness I have there.  I have a wonderful Thanksgiving kit:  Give Thanks and a great fall kit: Burning Foliage and a mega fall paper kit called Colors of Fall.  It is all on special today (Thursday, Nov.11) at our weekly Guilt Free Thursdays at the store.  If you have reached here after the 11th I will put it on special again next Thursday, Nov. 18th.

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Just a little tease

Here is an elements preview of the HUGE GIGANTIC JS designer blog hop that will take place on Nov. 11-14

Also here is just a little bonus from me that will go with my part of this MEGA  MEGA kit.Download Here


Enjoy and be sure and come back on Thursday, Nov. 11, for the DEAL OF THE CENTURY!


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Christmas Treasures Blog Hop

I have exciting news.  The recent certified designers from Jessicasprague.com are having a HUGH blog hop.  Here is the info:Be sure and get in on this raft of freebie goodness.  You know it will be good as it is sponsored by Jessica Sprague…why my part alone has 10 papers and a full alpha.

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