Jessica Sprague CT Call

My favorite scrapbook teacher Jessica Sprague is having another call for her Creative Team.  Creative team members  use the designers’ products and showcase them in layouts  to give customers ideas of how these supplies can be used.  I entered the call last spring and didn’t get picked.  <sob> <sob> so am trying again.  You know that old saw,  ” if at first you don’t succeed…….”  Here are the pages that I entered into the call:

Wish me well this go around as this is something I really want to do and I think I would be good at it too.

Make a nice day!  ~Ann


Saturday Morning

There is just something about Saturday morning that makes my heart sing…….even when I am not working.  Saturday is just such a refreshing day.  Today I will prepare all my cases for Foster Care Review Board, package and upload my new digi kit, Burning Foliage and finish a 2 page spread in the NWR2 class at Jessica……oh I will also eat banana bread. (Banana is a great word.  I know how to spell it…it just don’t know when to quit!)  Yesterday was crazy.  I went over to Thomas School to sub for Annie (pre-arranged awhile ago) and lo and behold our sub caller had assigned someone else to the job. 😦    But, all was not lost I got to see many old friends from South Beaver.  Even saw some kids I knew from South Beaver so that made the craziness not so hard to handle.  My ABC inspired kit is coming along nicely.  I have finished through L.  Here are the previews for my Burning Foliage kit which will be at later today or tomorrow.  LOL  I always plan more than I can do these days it seems.

Well, guess I’d better get busy with my to do list for today.  Think it’s gonna be a beautiful fall day here.  It’s going to be hard to stay in and get some work done.  Guess I’ll have to take a little break and a walk.

Make a nice day!  ~Ann

Scrapbook Classes

Somehow I wound up with four classes this week.  this will carry over into next week too.  I have Jessica Sprague’s, Now We’re Rocking vol. 2.  Tiffany Tillman’s, Photoshop Brushshop2, Crystal Wilkerson’s  Blog Basics for Blogger and Carina Gardner’s, ABC Album Inspiration.  They are all good and I wanted to take them all so am just trying to juggle my time.  I still need to finish my Burning Foliage Kit too.  Whew!  I have done some substitute teaching lately too.  WOW retirement can sure be busy.  We are going to the Pickin’ In the Pines festival this weekend(Fri.-Sun.) out at the beautiful Pine Mountain Pavillion.  Many good groups are playing.  Here are the first three pages from my ABC Inspiration album.

Well, back to my class marathon.  Make a nice day.  ~Ann

Sparkling Autumn

I have made a page out of my part of the October collaboration kit for where I am one of the designers.  The kit will be exceptional.  I have seen many of the previews and it will be a mega kit.  It is a customer appreciation kit and is free with an $8.00 purchase.  It is called Sparkling Autumn and will be well worth your time to check it out.  It will be available on October 1st.  This page is of my hubby and his bodhran.

We have been have sensational weather here, what I like to call pre-fall.  Just a little nip in the air early and then gorgeous days and evenings.  We went to Williams,  AZ last Saturday night for a birthday social and sat on the patio well into the evening and it was wonderful.  I am busy designing a kit called,  Burning Foliage.  The papers are almost done and a few elements are finished as well.  Need to finish to get it in the store for the fall season.  I am not teaching at a regular assignment this year.  I had a job share for the last two years at South Beaver but that is one of the three schools that FUSD closed and my teaching partner and I had no re-hire rights as we were part time.  Since then nothing really has panned out for us.  I do have 5 days of subbing lined up for September (well one of the days is Friday Oct. 1st) so I will be keeping my hand in a little.  Hope all is well with all of you.  Here is the page of which I spoke:Make a nice day.

And the Winner is……

I won 4 ribbons at the county fair.  My Chicago black and white photos took 1st, 2nd and honorable mention.  My color photo of the Grand Canyon took 3rd and the portrait of my grandson didn’t place.  (I found out I had it in the wrong category.  I had entered it in scenes with people and it should have been in portraits.  LOL  who knew?)

This was first

This won second place

And honorable mention

It was fun entering and going to the fair and seeing the fruits of my labor.  My grandson Jake’s  photo of the double rainbow out at Fernow cabin took an honorable mention.

We all went to breakfast on Saturday to celebrate  grandson Conner’s 7th birthday and out to the fair and the carnival.  The kids just love the rides.   Saturday night Kurt and I went to Williams to  a birthday social  for our friend Karen.  It was at the McElwain’s home and we spent the evening grilling and socializing on the patio.  The weather was perfect.

Make a nice day!